Day 13: “Silence is Golden”

Today I had to step outside of myself and do the exact opposite of what my initial normal response used to be (normal meaning- fuck you and you’re feelings! I went to work on my day off to try to get a customers perspective in the bar I work in because I stopped caring about my job (not good and also bad habit of mine) and my attitude has sucked lately. I know it’s just a serving position but its steady money, and I can’t just quit because someone looked at me funny or didn’t want to have a smoke break with me.  After having lunch and purposely studying the menu in front of everyone, I was able to leave my boss with a good impression (I think). I wanted to show him that I cared without having to say a word.

I ended the day going to the 48hr film festival with Kimmie and had a blast. We got there early and got to enjoy the work of local filmmakers and see the short film that I had the chance to do makeup for and that Kimmie was cast in.  Most of the films were comedy, but ours was a drama. It definitely stood out and looked great!  After the screening, a viewer came up to me and asked if I did the makeup. I said “Yes.

“You’re black eye that you TRIED to do looked more like pink eye!” she replied. 

I was dumbfounded by her unnecessarily rude comment and the only thing I could think to say was laugh and say, “You’re right, it sucked!” I’ve been in situations before where my mouth has gotten me into trouble (more like my entire life). What I’ve learned is that-  if someone wants to be a rude bitch then just let them.  I can’t get in trouble by walking away or playing dumb.  I KNOW mean girls…shit, I used to be one and I can be one, too! I had to bite my tongue because that was the right thing for ME to do.  However, the other side of me wanted to show her how to make a black eye look real and offer my services pro bono- but I didn’t, of course, but man, I wanted to.

Here’s to 353 Days- Veronica Graham,  progress not perfection-

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