Day 41: “First Date”

My father and I met in Crystal City for lunch because we’ve decided to make Thursday’s our new “family lunch tradition” day. We both live pretty busy lives and this seems to work for us. It is our 3rd lunch date together, at times it feels like an interview more than easy-bonding but I don’t mind because I really enjoy spending time with him. I also got to catch up with Ruby (the homecoming queen beauty now married and living in Florida) today- we had plenty to talk about and we’re planning on having a coffee date when she’s in town later this June.  However, as full as my day was- in the back of my mind was my date- ahem, my FIRST DATE since my vow- with Actor Hunk!  (Thanks for the advice, Laura!)

We met at Clyde’s in Chinatown DC to watch the basketball finals and have dinner.  The basketball finals was his idea and so was Clyde’s… Eh for basketball, but yay for Clyde’s!  I’m not into basketball, but it was at one of my favorite restaurants.  In a guys world the finals are equivalent to a “Sex in the City” marathon on TBS.  But I was still a little aphrehensive… I mean, was he going to even talk to me?  Was basketball more important to him than this first date?  What if I got lost and he was waiting for me and just assume I’m a flake?  

Well, I left a little early- and still got lost (with GPS) BUT did make it there on time!  Actor Hunk sure looked hunky- he had on a pair of Air Force Ones, cargo shorts, and a black top to show off his oh so refined muscles!  More so than him looking super hot- he didn’t look up at the television playing basketball ONCE… until the very end when I said I had to leave.  We talked non-stop and laughed throughout the evening.  This is great because I love to laugh and it broke the ice and I felt so comfortable on a FIRST date!  Who would have known?!

All in all- he was a complete gentleman and a total hottie with an awesome personality (GREAT smile!) what more could I ask for?  …. So…. At the end of the date… I didn’t let him kiss me- although I wanted to SO BADLY!  But since it’s no secret how fast I’ve been in the past and since I really like this guy– I wanted to make a conscious effort to take things slow like a lady and he gave me Euro kisses on the cheek… Let me tell you– took everything in me to not say, “FUCK IT! Let’s make out!” But I bit my tongue like a lady.

I can say I’m really looking forward to date #2.

I almost wish I had an awful date so I could have more to write about… but, the date was awesome and so was the guy.  

Here’s to 325 Days, Veronica Graham, Heeey, Actor Hunk!  Call me to make out– just kidding… Next time 😉

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