Day 44: “Dancing Darlings”

I spent the day at Kimmie’s dance recital choosing favorites and loving the kids. It was crazy from the moment I unpacked my make up bags. There were groups of eager dancers waiting to perform the piece or pieces they had been working on all year. I was helping Kimmie by painting cheeks and lips rosy red for her two ballet classes that she teaches. I was showered with fascination from each of the dancing darlings eyes. The look on their little faces was priceless when they got out of my make up chair. Each of them had their own unique style and helped me to help them bring it to life. They would look in the mirror and grin from ear to ear after I was finished. Of course, it was only a matter of MINUTES before they would return to my chair after running around in circles, and DEMAND touch ups. 

When Kimmie asked for my assistance today I was more than happy to help out. I got to spend my day helping her make sure her kids had an awesome experience.  When I finally got to check in with her she was doing the job of at least three people effortlessly.  She was directing kids to classrooms, assisting parents, and checking off completed performances through her walky talky with a smile. Her work ethic should be studied by scientists because I have yet to meet anyone who works as hard as her to get the job done, and it’s never a half ass job.  Secretly, I think she may be an Asian Superhero from a undiscovered planet in a far away galaxy.

All day I saw kids who had put too much hair spray in their hair and at least 45 bobbi pins holding each little bun in place. They managed to get make up everywhere… I found some behind ears, on their shoulders and in their hair. This was all BEFORE they performed. I went through every wet wipe I brought and a bottle of make up remover. One of my favorites smeared her make up everywhere after her performance. She looked up to me with her big blue eyes and said “Can I smear my make up on my face now?…I finished my performance.” I couldn’t say no. I watched with delight because it made her so happy to smear her lipstick everywhere while tossing every bobbi pin from her bun on the floor. I just watched her and laughed hysterically.

It was a great scenerio because you’re helping these kids dreams to come true—even if it’s for just one dance piece.  Treating the kids like they were the most important- make up, costume, hair and everything had to be perfect because it mattered to THEM—even though as an adult you know that a hair out of place won’t make a difference. 

Because they were treated like stars, they performed like stars, and felt like stars.

Here’s to Day 322, Veronica Graham, Often times dreams are mistaken because it looks like work.

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