Day 49: “Thief in the Night”

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of miss calls from that rat bastard, Rich-Married-Man. To this day, I still have RMM’s number memorized and there’s nothing attractive now-a-days about receiving a missed call from some piece of ass between 10pm-2am-so bite me RMM!  I’ve thought about changing my number but I won’t. It’s never stopped me from a LNBC (late-night-booty-call) in the past and I’d rather save the $30.00 service fee for a wild night drinking with strippers. 

RMM had NO respect for me and I still liked him. He was even kind enough to tell me to my face that I was his” fun” and nothing more. When we got together it was always exciting in the beginning, but always ended in disaster. One night we met up at some jankie bar right outside of DC for a night cap. We always met at hole in wall bars because he was married and still IS married. This particular time we had too much to drink and started arguing at the bar. The bartender didn’t mind because RMM was known for being a good tipper, and had been there before. He would rant and rave about how smart he was, and how rich he was ALL the time. The bartender would just smile and look away. I must admit, it kinda turned me on. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I loved having sex with RMM! He was an ex-naval officer and it’s a known fact that sailor’s are dirty, and not in a bad way. He always took me to interesting hideaways on the weekends and paid for everything, and I got used to the lifestyle fairly quickly. I should have known better than to fall for a guy like him, but I didn’t.  

He was still pissed off when we left the bar, and on our way back from the bar I decided to pull over to “make up” before I dropped him off. He was drunk and I wanted to change his mood from bad to good. Me being me, I pulled over in a church parking lot. I’ve always been a little superstitious when I felt that something bad was about to happen, and being drunk in a church parking lot is right up my alley. We shared a cigarette and started arguing again over something mundane.  I remember that he had this crazy look in his eye. He looked like a mad scientist. He leaned over and whispered in my ear to get out of the car. I looked at him and knew he was WASTED. He always got a little crazy when he had too much to drink. Usually, I could convince him to have sex and his anger would cease, but this night was different. 

He wanted to exert his dominance over me. I liked him so I let him ride out his sick fantasy, but not for long. He got out of the passenger side of my car and walked over to the driver’s side where I was sitting. He told me to get out of the car but I didn’t feel like it, so he opened the door and pulled me out with a force that threw me off guard. He was violent when he drank, but I always took a blind eye to it because the sex was too damn good to pass up over a little domestic violence, or so I used to think. 

I was pretty trashed myself, and in the midst of our arguing he had managed to get a hold of me an force walk me into the bushes in front of the church. He was able to pin me to the ground in a wrestler’s position, and I couldn’t wiggle my way out. He looked at me and said “I’m not gonna rape you!” I looked up and said “I know you won’t, but if you plan on killing me than just do it already!” I guess he snapped out of his delusion because before I knew it he was huffing and puffing and ran off like a thief in the night. His house was and still is to my knowledge, within walking distance from my dad’s house. He took off running towards his house, and I quickly got into my car and drove home. I convinced myself that it wasn’t that bad, and blamed the alcohol. The crazy part wasn’t him pinning me down in the bushes outside of a church, its that he called me the next day for lunch and I accepted. 

Here’s to 317 day’s, Veronica Graham, There is nothing cool about domestic violence, and it should NEVER be tolerated-

3 Responses to “Day 49: “Thief in the Night””

  1. phillygurl Says:

    I am looking forward to the catch up post. I was looking for pics of Macy Gray and ended up on your blog. It’s an interesting read!

  2. These days aren’t matching up anymore. What does this have to do with Day 49? What day is it really now?

    • You’re absolutely right! I’m 9 days behind (including today). I’ve been making drafts for the days I’ve missed and taking notes on EXACTLY what happened each day that I’ve missed, and I’m still working on them. Day 49 was a reaction to a missed call I had received that day from RMM, and my mind wandered to the day when we had our dispute. I will get the stories to match again it’s just not happening as fast as I thought it would now that I’m flying solo. At this point, after viewing your comment I think it will be better to post the bulk of them once the nine are completed to bring it back to real time. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your input.

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