Day 52: “Psycho Stylist”

I went to Sally’s beauty supply store and bought a mannequin head to practice my hair skills because as a makeup artist sometimes you have to step it and help out in the hair department and my skills need to improve. I’ve been given the opportunity to work at a modeling camp to teach young models from age 10-17 years old how to apply makeup. I’m really excited! Anytime I get to work with youngins it’s rewarding and tons of fun. I was feeling gloomy today and went to the mall to lift my spirits. I walked around some and worked my way to Forever 21 to buy a cheap-expensive looking dress mmm-kay.  I also went to bebe to check and see if the dress I have been eyeing is on sale. As I walked in today I was greeted by the hotteset sales associate ever…he was built like a rock and had blond hair and blue eyes. I had just purchased a dress from Forever 21 to curve the itch to spend full price on a bebe dress that I can’t afford. This hottie walked over to me and found me drooling over the dress that I am obsessed with…probably to tell me to stop touching the merchandise unless I planned on buying it, but I took it as a clear invitaiton that he was interested in me.

I smiled at him and batted my eyes because it’s my way of being cute. He wasn’t the least bit interested in me, but entertained me for the moment. I told him that I needed a guys opinion on a dress I had just bought. I was hoping that he would look at it and say, “I think I would have a better idea of what it looked like if I helped you put it on in the dressing room!”, but he didn’t. I pulled out the tiny dress that I had bought and he agreed that it was a good find. He asked me where I was going and I said, “Well, I get asked out all the time and I need a back up dress.” He looked at me and rolled his eyes. 

I left, looking completely desperate for attention and broke! I decided to call my sister…I knew she would get good laugh at my attempt to pick up this guy. She thinks I’m a train wreck, but loves me just the same. Our relationship is slowly working its way back to the way it was when we were little but its still in the beginning stages. When I was kicked out of my house by Mother Graham I left her behind without saying good bye, my dad came to pick me up and I was out of her life within 45 minutes. I never looked back or called her until she was a young adult. We have different fathers and it crushed her when I left, I was gone and there was nothing my little 7 year old sister could do. I looked after her while living with MG, well more or less made her my doll and force fed her with all of my terrible cooking. She still won’t eat anything I cook.

We lost touch for years, and she hated me for most of our separation because of what happened. She felt that I left her with MG out of spite, but I was a full blown basket case and my mom and I had to be separated. We were too much alike. I wanted to be free from my strict christian upbringing, and my sister was still to young to understand that when I was 14 all I cared about was being cool. I had to help MG take care of her all the time and I resented both of them by the time I got the boot. I wanted to live my own life, and was sick of MG’s strict regime. As soon as I became a freshman in highschool, I forgot about my sister and didn’t see her when I lived in Pleasantville. I left her alone with my crazy, bible thumping mother, and was ready to take on my 3rd new high-school as a Freshman with a vengeance.

She laughed when I told her about the guy and said I was self absorbed and I probably wasn’t his type anyway. I told her about the mannequin head and she asked if I remembered doing her hair when she was a little girl. I screamed ” Of course I do, and you hated every second of it!” She told me that I would yank her hair and put it in the tightest braids imaginable with a devil’s grin. She said I would laugh when she said it hurt or smack her hand if she touched it when I was finished. She had long blonde hair and even though she hated seeing me come after her with hair spray and a comb every morning, she did have the best hairstyles in grade school and admitted I was pretty good.

Here’s to 314 days,  Veronica Graham, I’m sorry I left without saying good-bye little sister-

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