Day 55: “Rehab or Rehabilitated”

I’m hungover, (surprise surprise). My dad was home from work today too. Its safe to say that after barfing all morning and afternoon I had to postpone our lunch date again. He worked out of his office today, but I can guarentee he wished he didn’t. I thought at the ripe young age of 29 I would realize that when you mix shots, beer, and wine….your ass will be handed to you the next day. Fortunately, I love to learn the hard way and sure showed myself the meaning of it today.

My dad was sweet enough to go to 711 and grab me a ginger ale and sprite, but before he left he threw me a box of Imodium A-D while I was in the bathroom. I have no idea how anti-diarrhea medicine could cure a hangover, but I don’t think he did either. He just needed my barfing to halt because the gas man was on his way to fix all of our appliances, and God forbid the effin gas man hear me in any bathroom in my home puking. White people can be so…well….white sometimes. 

At about 7 o’clock in the evening I managed to hold down a couple crackers while watching Disney’s Aladdin. It started to sink in that my episode could have landed me in jail or the morgue. I thought for a moment about all the times I have driven drunk and somehow have always managed to be lucky enough to get to wherever I needed to be safely. I started to panic and looked online to see when and where I could find an AA meeting to go to. I found one instantly and got ready.

I went to an AA meeting that I used to attend in my half ass road to recovery about two years ago, and saw a girl that I recognized in the program from one of the many times I have gone in and out of those rooms. I shared when it was my turn and confessed that I almost wrapped my car around a tree last night. I know I have alochol and drug problems, it’s NO secret. I’m just living in denial. I can’t even promise to give up drinking after last night. I’m what they call a binger. I go for periods at a time drinking like a lady, but ever so often I will get a wild hair up my ass and party like Steven Tyler. 

After the meeting the girl I saw came up to me and asked if I remembered her and I told her I did. I was happy to hear that she had been sober for three years now and was doing well. She told me to keep coming back, and I said I would try. She told me to go to women’s meetings instead of open meetings. When she first met me I was fucking all of DC. She insisted that I get involved with the women in the program because I would have a better chance of making lasting connections to help me in my road to recovery. I gave her a hug and said I would see her soon.

Here’s to 311 days, Veronica Graham, The people in AA keep me coming back and people like me keep them sober.

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