Day 60: “Whitney’s”

I had an awesome day, and I got to work on a film set today outside of DC. YIPPIE!  I had so much fun applying makeup, and even got to bust out a skill that I had up my sleeve to impress the people I was working for. When I was in highschool I took a Fashion Marketing class and my teacher taught us to use masking tape to cover the base of a shoe if you ever need to rent shoes for any type of fashion related job. We were working with a green screen today and they didn’t want the actor’s shoes to scuff the paint, so it came in handy. A green screen kinda looks like a half pipe cut in half. Its used when you need to implement computer graphics or whatever it is the producer wants to create. I got a call from Whitney after we wrapped for the day and she invited me over for dinner. She called me a few days ago to say hello, and I was really happy to hear from her because I missed her. We hadn’t spoken because I started a fight with her over something stupid…that’s what I do to the people I love the most, I push them away with mean words when things don’t go my way.

Whitney is one of the best cooks I know, so I was more than happy to accept her invite. I swear she need’s to open a deli called “Whitney’s”. When I got to her place I told her my idea that she should open a deli, she looked at me and shouted, “oh yeah…well you can be the cashier!” We burst into a laughter because we both could picture me smoking a cigarette while given mean looks to customers holding a BIG tip jar that says “TIP ME BITCH!” 

While living in SF I worked at an Italian restaurant part time. I took the job as a cover up for my stripping and if my family called and asked me how I was earning a living I could say that all of my income was coming from there. The minimum wage is higher in Cali and I made great tips. Within in a week of working at the Italian restaurant, I fell for one of the latino cooks and one of the restaurant managers. I started hooking up with both of them, but not at the same time because that would be WAY to complicated. I didn’t feel guilty about it because in my mind I had rationalized that it wasn’t that bad. I would get free food from the cook and the schedule I wanted from my manager. I used sex as a weapon and I didn’t care what anyone thought about me. Fortuantely, for the sake of the restaurant, I quit after a two months and started stripping full time. 

While stripping I learned how to seduce men for money, sex or whatever else I wanted. I was only getting negative attention from men, but it was still attention. In my opinion, it taught me how to manipulate people and have a false sense of self. I was living in a fantasy world and glamorized the lifestyle I had chosen. I’m not proud of being an ex-stripper, but I was one. The ONLY thing I miss is how cute I looked in those outfits before I ripped them off, while prancing around in platform heels with Godsmack blasting through the sound system.

Here’s to 306 days, Veronica Graham- “Dancing is not a crime”

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