Day 86-100: “Breakfast Fight”

I’ve been gearing up for the screening of Conquering the Rose, and I’m loving every second of it. Kimmie and I went out for a shot of tequila and a bud lite when I got back from VA Beach to catch up, and discuss plans for CTR.  We made a list, checked it twice and got the ball rolling. I’m impressed with our “handyman” approach to making a “step and repeat” holder for the screening. We went to Home Depot and purchased PVC pipes, a can of spray paint, and set up shop in my backyard. When we were building it, one of the Pleasantville neighbors saw us with our can of spray paint, face masks, and a hacksaw. I assume he thought he was witnessing a murder right before his eyes, but he wasn’t. He asked what we were up to…we just smiled and said that we were building something special. After we finished making it, we handmade the party favors and the invitations to the after party. 

I’ve been harassing Tiffany, the event coordinator from ICONs all week about how important it was to not fuck this up for me because secretly I knew Kimmie was testing my event planning skills to see if I would make a good maid of honor, and it’s safe to say that I passed with flying colors.  Meanwhile, in the back of my head I kept thinking that Tiffany was going to bail on me and that my date, the Actor Hunk was going to pull a no show. I sent a text to the Actor Hunk to see if if he got the photo of my dress, and kept sending texts to remind him to be at the screening no later than 7:30pm. I was convinced that he wasn’t going to show up even when he responded to every paranoid text that I sent, and told me to not worry and that he would be there. Tiffany and the Actor Hunk never gave any indication that the were going to bail on me, but I doubted both of them.

When we were in the theater watching the film I can’t express enough how impressed I was with it. The performances were AMAZING, and I was happy to be a part of the film. After it was finished I rushed out to head over to the event hall to get things set up. When the guests arrived to the after party everything was perfect, there were red roses strategically placed all over the bar, finger food, and little organza pouches with fine chocolates in them spread out. Its safe to say that I’m a complete control freak… I’ve realized that it’s easier to control things rather than people. I was frantically running around the place all night making sure nothing went wrong, and nothing did. Everyone was all smiles with drinks in there hands. My date was awesome, and everyone liked him. He left me alone when I needed to be left alone because I was busy, and was there for me when I needed company. I was never the wallflower, and I wasn’t the girl with the guy tagging along. We kissed goodnight at the end of the night and locked in our third date, and I thanked Tiffany for all of her efforts and left almost two dozen roses for her to take home to show my appreciation. I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to not trust the right people, and give all the wrong people the benefit of the doubt. I’m the girl that puts her faith in the guy that doesn’t even have my number, and has never given me any indication that he likes me. Why do I trust every person that’s come into my life that continuously proves to be untrustworthy, and question the stable people that are there for me?! 

Kimmie and I cleared out a Denny’s the other day when we went out for lunch because she needed me to listen to her about the screening, and I said that it was painful for me to listen to anyone one else’s problems, but that I was working on it. That comment didn’t go over to well with Kimmie. We scared the shit out of the waitress when we started arguing, when she walked over to us with the check and a coffee pot to refill our coffee, the expression on her face was priceless. Her hands were a little unsteady and she quickly refilled our coffees and walked away. We managed to clear out her section during a lunch rush, and shortly after she handed us our check it was evident that Kimmie and I were going to argue until we came to a conclusion. All of the other tables signaled to the waitress that they needed their checks and left.

The whole fight was about the fact that I wasn’t able to listen to her concerns about the screening and said it was PAINFUL to listen to her concerns. Yes, this is insanely fucked up, but it’s a small improvement because I listened long enough to realize it. Kimmie has been working on this project since I met her roughly 5 years ago, and hardly ever needs anyone to lean on for anything because she is confident in her decision making skills, and extremely smart. She is self sufficient and has been practically on her own since she was a teenager. She has a wonderful family and a great realtionship with her father, she just needed me to be a friend and listen, and after our breakfast fight I knew that I was closer to being a good friend to her.  

Here’s to Day’s 280-266, Veronica Graham- I’m still learning how to be a good friend….

One Response to “Day 86-100: “Breakfast Fight””

  1. HEY, any guidance on making that Step and Repeat holder??
    Banner is $275 to print. But the stand would be another $250!
    Thought you might have followed instructions from somewhere.
    Thanks 🙂

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