Day 120: “The Peter Pan Syndrome”

Recently, I have been thinking about what it is exactly that gives a guy cold feet in the commitment department. I have concluded through extensive research that most guys have what Kimmie and I like to call, “The Peter Pan Syndrome”.  This disease effects men from ages 21-35, and in a nutshell can be described as a fear of commitment…ahem growing up. I’ve heard it time and time again that a biological clock exists somewhere within most women, and most men chalk it up to just that. I do have a tendency, now that I’m nearing 30 to get a little emotional at the sight of babies.

You know, those cute little gremlins that are always around seemingly mature adults. I’ve spotted them at the park, the Irish bar, the mall and at church. The question that rings in my mind is how? Not how did they come into existence (believe me I’ve had plenty of practice in that department-but only successful one time…ahem see smortion story), but how do these seemingly happy couples go about agreeing to have one, a gremlin that is. I know people that have had these gremlins out of wedlock, and some who make them on their honeymoon in Barbados. I envy it to a point, and thank my lucky stars at times that I don’t have one that eats me out of house and home.

Secretly though, I wish to have one of my own one day. The catch is that I think I should have a special someone to have one with. Preferably a husband, but at this point I’m willing to go to a sperm bank, and take out a small loan from my bank to set aside for private school. I personally know quite a few women who are dating “Peter Pan”. These women have willingly taken themselves off the market in hopes that the person they are currently with will pop the question, and agree to starting a family. So far, to my knowledge, it isn’t going to happen any time soon.

As you know, Peter Pan is a fictional character who is afraid of growing up and essentially getting older. What does it take for a “Peter Pan” to pop the question?! I have seen women in my life bend over backwards to prove to the men in their lives that they are in it for the long hall, and these women are still being taken advantage of. How nice is must be for these boys to have their cake and eat it too. They have successful, intelligent, financially stable, and might I add HOT bitches next to them at every social gathering. Yet in the midst of all the ups and downs that comes with being in a relationship of 3 or more years, these guys are still not convinced that the one tucking them in at night, the one who is wiping their sniveling little noses when they are sick, the one who makes their favorite meal and gives them blow jobs…..that “the one” has been next to them the whole time.

These “Peter Pan’s” think that the grass is greener on the other side, and that some young 18 year old is waiting for them with an “at will agreement” when it comes to dating. I highly doubt any one of these “Peter Pan’s” could last a week without the current hottie’s that they are with. If I were one of these women…I would grant a “Hall Pass” just like in the movie to each of them, just to prove my point. Maybe I’m being a little harsh, or maybe I’m jealous that I’m alone, either way at what point do you take the plunge and have a little faith in the one who is still standing by your side, and take the relationship to the next level?!

I was listening to sirius/XM radio when I was in my car the other day, and I purposely listened to snippets of music from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Its almost heart breaking to hear how much things have changed from a simple song to a guy wanting to hold a girls hand…to wanting to fuck her and her best friend in the back of a Mercedes Benz. Wake up, “Peter Pan’s” of the world or you might find yourself old, alone and playing with your swords with your posse of lost boys.

Here’s to 246 days, Veronica Graham- If the grass is truly greener on the other side, hop the fence instead of straddling it-

2 Responses to “Day 120: “The Peter Pan Syndrome””

  1. Desperate K Says:

    What do I do if I’m dating a Peter Pan?! I’ve been with my guy for almost five years and he keeps saying he will marry me and to just be patient but i keep waiting and waiting and nothing has happened! His best friend is married now and I used to think that was all he needed to motivate him to see that marriage isn’t this prison but NOTHING!

    • Desperate K,
      I think you should start making plans to move forward with your own life. Let him go, and if he makes the move to make you a permanent part of his life then you know. If not, then you have already made plans to move on. Start searching for a new place to live and pick up a new hobby…even if it’s collecting unique coffee mugs. You’re important and you deserve to be happy with or without him.

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