Day 121: “I Got Stood the F*@# Up”

Attention all READERS: This a bitter message-

At 5pm I was supposed to go out on a date with Mike. Mike never showed up. Yes people laugh it up, Veronica Graham got stood up.

Why did he stand me up? The possible reasons:

1. He would rather watch ESPN highlights; he was drunk when he asked me and could have forgotten.

2. I’m abstinent, and he knows it because I casually brought it up in a conversation.

3. He got word that I’m crazy from my co-workers, he is a regular at the Irish bar and friends with all of them. My co-workers don’t address me by my name…they greet me with a friendly “Hi Crazy, how are you today?” One of them even calls me bat-shit crazy.

Regardless, if he didn’t show up because I’m abstinent, or because I’m crazy he should of at least tried to get a hold of me since I was working today at the Irish bar, and that was where he was supposed to meet me. I would assume since he’s over 30 he would have enough hair on his balls to call up this crazy chick and cancel like a man. Do you know why people should never piss off people who work in the food industry…Let’s just say I hope Mike doesn’t sit in my section.

Here’s to 245 days, Veronica Graham, I will have a bottle of rogaine waiting for your balls-

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