Day 124: “The Bonding Chemical”

I watched a documentary called “Secrets to Love”, after it came highly recommended by Kimmie a couple days ago. It talks about the difference between men and women and how they interact with one another, why women feel the need to talk about everything, and why men usually don’t. The coolest part was when they had an interview with a scientist. She said “that woman and men both have bonding chemicals, but when men sleep with women that bonding chemical is significantly lower in men than in women“. The example they gave was a classic, what happens after a one night stand. Initially, its all fun and games….you know what I’m talking about…Sex in the shower, the kitchen, breaking out the hand cuffs, blind folds and frosting for blow jobs. Then the sun comes up and you find yourself staring at this guy you barely know and wonder if something more could come of it, like a relationship.

If you’re anything like me than you went into it the night before knowing that it’s ONLY for one night. Somehow or another a small thought has crossed my mind every time I have had a one night stand, even if it’s faint. For me it’s always been…Maybe something could come of this, yeah he works at McDonald’s but its an honest living, so what if he is living with his mom and unemployed the economy is bad, he might be a raging porn addict but I like porn too, or better yet he’s a pot head (at least we won’t go hungry). According to the documentary a woman’s “bonding chemical” increases 12x’s after sex whether she’s screwed a successful lawyer from New York or the exterminator. In men it only increases 5x’s!

This is the million dollar piece of information that I have been missing since I have been screwing my way into adulthood. I can’t stop this bonding chemical in my brain from attaching to every penis I have slept with. I need to protect my “bonding chemical” and make sure that I’m attaching it to a guy who wants to be with me for more reasons than just acting as a cum dumpster. It also clears up the one night stand dilemma for me, and I’ll be sure to avoid them when I’m done with my vow of abstinence.

Here’s to 242 Days, Veronica Graham, Be careful who you bond with ladies-

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