Day 126: “The Bible and a pack of Camels”

I worked at the Irish bar earlier today, and then met my dad for dinner at a mexican restaurant around 5pm. It was brief, but we had a nice time. We are complete opposites as I have stated, but we had a great conversation about work and how much we enjoy our jobs. I got a text from Kimmie to join her at a Bible study this evening and kind of did a double take at the message. I told her that I was having dinner with my dad…then she texted that it didn’t start until 7pm. I knew I could make it, but I thought about coming up with a lame excuse as to why I couldn’t go. I didn’t…she would have known I was lying, and I’ve never been really good about lying so what would have been the point.

I met her at the Bible study that she was invited to by someone she had just met at work, she was even a little hesitant when she got invited but she went just the same. We are partners in crime so I couldn’t let her be alone in a room full of good Christians without me. When I arrived I was the first person there, there was a table filled with goodies to eat and a nice selection of non alcoholic beverages. I introduced myself to the hostess of house and told her that I was invited by Kimmie, who was invited by a member of her church. She guided me to the living room and introduced me to her lovely family. She is married and has two of the cutest gremlins. I was kind of jealous, but whatever. I quickly realized that this was a Bible study for married couples, and not singles. Family after family showed up for this study and all of them had children.

The place was packed with happy families and gremlins, so naturally I started to freak out (on the inside). I was alone in a room full of happy people and Kimmie was stuck in traffic. When Kimmie arrived, she had her Bible in her hand ready to learn (typical Asian) always a step ahead of the game. I really had to got to the bathroom so I excused myself before the Bible study started. I have almost zero experience with children from ages 1-3 years old, and forgot how much they like to get into EVERYTHING! I accidently left my purse open when “Trouble” decided to get in to it. “Trouble” is absolutely adorable and I wanted to keep him. However, while I was in the bathroom he decided to go into my purse and pulled out my pack of Camels and my iPhone to play with. Fortunately, Kimmie was there to take the smokes and the iPhone away from him. Kimmie is always bailing me out, and I love her for that.

When I went back into the room, she told me what happened. I was MORTIFIED! I instantly turned three shades of red and apologized to the mother of “Trouble”. Here I was in a room filled with gremlins and Bibles, and Kimmie saved the day by taking my smokes away from “Trouble”. His mother was kind and told me not to worry. After the insanely informative Bible study the gremlins came back upstairs with the Bible study nanny to be returned to their parents. “Trouble” spotted me out in the crowd and wobbled over to me. He found a wheat cracker that I had and started to eat it….no harm there, right? WRONG. His mother proceeded to tell me that he was allergic to wheat when she saw him eating it. I started to sweat and panic. Not only were Kimmie and I cluless as to where to find certain books of the Bible during the study and had to recieve help…I could have killed my little friend “Trouble” if his allergies had been severe.

I realized in that moment that if I ever decide to have children I will need to take a class on parenting as well as a class on how to be a good wife. Kimmie will be joining me in these classes whether she likes it or not. It was hard for me to be around what I perceived to be good Christians. I felt a resistance within me to run like hell after I got to the Bible study, and I also wanted to order a shot of tequila and bail out of going to the restaurant I agreed to go to afterward to meet the single Christians. I couldn’t leave Kimmie hanging so I was all smiles, and I actually enjoyed the Bible study. Ironically, I consider myself to be a Christian…not a very good one, but one nonetheless. Kimmie could relate to my feeling of resistance and we agreed that we both had some soul searching to do on what it means to be a good Christian.

Here’s to 240 Days, Veronica Graham, It’s comical that I wear a cross around my neck, I’m clueless when it comes to my faith-

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