Day 133: “The Ex-Wanna-Be”

Oh my God! Today was a good day, and I remained positive all day. It’s crazy to think I could actually be a joy to be around, but I was (I think). I had a great shift at the Irish bar and met up with Whitney for happy hour at a fancy restaurant. She was in the mood for some Italian cuisine so when we finished our drinks we headed over to her favorite spot to have some pasta for dinner. As you know…I’m a slut, but there was ONE time…long, long ago when I said NO to a guy and it still backfired.

I walked into the Italian restaurant and saw “Ex-Wanna-Be”. An “Ex-Wanna-Be” is someone that spreads a rumor that they have slept with you to all of their guy friends, but hasn’t. They are a rare breed, but they exist. If you slept around as much as I did, then you can understand that no one believed me when I said that I didn’t sleep with him once the rumor was out. I know it comes as a shocker that I told someone NO, but I did. He told friends who were friends with my friends that I had sex with him, and they believed it. What made matters worse was that he went to a different high school in my district, so it was impossible to get my side of the story out. I already had a reputation in my high school as a slut so it didn’t matter when I told my friends that I said NO to him because I said YES to all the rest!

“Ex-Wanna-Be” was and still is very popular and good looking. The combined forces of looks and popularity made it easy for him to say that he slept with me, and NO ONE ever questioned him about it. Looking back, I can see how in the eye’s of everyone else it wouldn’t make sense that I would say NO to someone who was good looking and popular, but I did. I didn’t sleep with him because I had a secret crush on one of his friends, whom I never got a chance to hook up with…Damn, his friend was hot!

Here’s to 233 Days, Veronica Graham- “Ex-Wanna-Be”….I would still tell you NO!

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