Day 134: “The Cat fell outta the Bag”

I was a little hungover this morning on my way to the Irish bar, but it was worth it. I accidently friended a co-worker on Facebook yesterday…I have been pretty good about keeping the people that I work with in Irish bar away from my blog until now. When I accepted this guys request, I didn’t think much of it until I found out who it was when I was at work. He came up to me before I left and said that he found me on Facebook. I got really nervous and started to sweat a little, my eyes widened and my heart skipped a beat but I managed to say “I accepted someone named —— was that you?!” He said YES.  I could have died, I thought about quitting, I thought about running, I thought about de-friending him, I thought lots of crazy thoughts. Then I asked “Have you read any of Veronica Graham’s entries?” He said YES.

Ladies and Gentleman…the cat fell out of the fucking bag! My other co-workers ask me about this blog, but until now I have been able to keep almost all of Veronica’s secrets out of that bar, and keep them from reading about her devilish life. I’m actually really nervous about how I would handle it if I walked in one day, and I found out that my co-workers had read an entry or two. They might take me out back “Irish Mafia Style” and beat my ass, or they may like it. Either way, only time will tell.

Here’s to 232 Days, Veronica Graham- “When shit hits the fan, its gets on everything”

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