Day 135-136: “Mr. Nice”

Sunday started out as any normal day, I was late for work and pissed off. I worked at the Irish bar and then after work I went to a birthday party for someone whom I used to work with at a Lebanese restaurant. I still frequent this restaurant because the food is amazing. When I arrived at the party it was great to see everyone I used to work with having a good time and drinking. The birthday boy was turning 26, and was wearing one of those silly little birthday hats chugging a beer. 

I walked over to one of the tables and was greeted with smiles, food and booze. I bought the birthday boy a couple rounds and caught up with some ex-coworkers. When I finally sat down the only seat available was across from this hot Syrian I met while I was having lunch at the Lebanese restaurant one day before my shift at the Irish bar. I met him roughly a week ago when I stopped by to stuff my face with baba and lamb. I was actually completely hungover that day. He is a server there and introduced himself to me that day and naturally we started chatting. I found out that he was from Syria and he has a lot of family living here in America. He wanted to come back to work and go back to school. His family is already very established here, and he has lived here before (he’s not a FOB). 

I didn’t talk to much about myself because I was too busy asking him about his life. First and foremost he is a Taurus, I was thrilled to here about that since I have a fetish for people of that sign. He is a not-so-good Christian, and like me he wears a cross around his neck. He is average height and has beautiful dark skin and warm brown eyes. He has a great smile, and likes to smoke Marlboro reds. Naturally, he is fluent in Arabic, but to my surprise he is also fluent in Russian and English. His accent is VERY sexy, and it was easy to sit back and listen to him chat up a storm. 

I left that day and didn’t think much of it, and I knew that I would see him at the birthday party yesterday. When I arrived he was talking to some other girls and seemed to be enjoying himself. He smiled and said hi and continued socializing with some Russian cuties. To my surprise, I didn’t get jealous or start to freak out at the site of him doing this. I just sat back and enjoyed myself and had a beer, after all I wasn’t there to see him.

As the night progressed I could tell that he wanted to be near me and talk to me again. He was pretty obvious about it when he left in the middle of a conversation he was having to sit next to me and ask how my week was. From that moment he was completely interested in only me and didn’t go back to talking with the Russian cuties. By the time the night ended, I knew I liked him and that he liked me. He invited me back to his place for a night cap, and of course, me being me….I accepted.

I can’t explain the underlying comfortability that I had when I was near him. Usually when I have met guys I didn’t know that well my intuition kicks in and I see red flags, but choose to ignore them. I didn’t have any red flags this time. I had an overwhelming sense of security when I was near him. I didn’t tell him my WHOLE life story, but I told him about the blog and that I gave up sex for year, because I’m looking for love and hoped to get married one day.

Here comes the bad news….I slept with him. I slept with him last night and this morning and loved every second of it (I’m definitely a bit rusty in the sac). We held each other ALL night and ALL morning. I was upset about it last night, but I made the choice, and I knew what I was doing. I wasn’t hammered and I wanted to do it. I thought about the blog, my vow, God, the readers, my friends, my family and ironically I was and still am okay with the decision I made. This morning he made coffee for us and we went out on his deck to have a cigarette. When I told him that I would have to tell the readers about what I did, I asked him what he wanted his name to be in the blog. He said call me “Mr. Nice”. As he was walking me to my car, I asked him if we could be friends…friends with benefits that is. He said yes.

I’m shocked and feel a weird sense of comfort about what I did. I felt at peace around him, and we have made plans to go out again. I also know his first AND last name which is a bonus for me. I have no idea how to continue this blog form this point on, I don’t have a guidline for the blog besides not having sex and thats out the door, or a boss (kinda wish I did), I don’t feel too guilty because I knew I would confess in this post. Just to clarify….My vow is null and void. It is over. 

I have learned a lot about myself these past 136 days, almost too much. I still have a ton of stories to share, and there’s never a dull moment in my life. I feel like I let (you) the readers down, not me. It’s because of (you) the readers that I got this far, I couldn’t have done it without you and of course without the help of my partner in crime Kimmie. I’m happy with my decision and am willing to live with the consequence. Even if it all blows up in my face and I find out that he isn’t “Mr. Nice” I’m okay with it. I would still love to continue writing, but I need an audience.

It’s up to you, the readers….I can either continue writing and sharing my life with you now that “Mr. Nice” has entered into it or you can tell me to go fuck myself and put Veronica Graham and all of her stories in the trash. Don’t hold back in sharing your honest opinions about what I should do or where to go from here, I NEVER held back in the blog. The majority will decide my fate when it comes to the blog. 


Veronica Graham

3 Responses to “Day 135-136: “Mr. Nice””

  1. Fuck RoxyGirl! People always want to jump on their high house and look down on people. You did what you wanted to do and in the process you learned more about yourself. You can shoot for the stars but landing on the moon aint bad either. Keep your head up and walk proud!

  2. Mr Suprised Says:

    Wow! I have only recently started reading your blogs, but when I did I really felt like I had some very common links with you and your situation and how I would like to change myself in lots of ways. I went back and read a lot of your older posts and found myself agreeing or at least recognising stuff that you do that I do too.

    I’m happy for you that you found someone and feel like you you can end all this on and that you have learnt something but at the same time almost feel like I wanted you to be able to go the whole 365 so I could say to myself it is possible! But then I’m also glad as you seem not to have any regrets and that makes me hopeful just having some time to think thinks through is enough.

    I will be continuing to read, I find your writing very helpful and inspiring in lots of ways.

    Good luck with Mr Nice

  3. if he cared about you dont you think he would have respected your vow of abstinence? you made a choice but so did he and he sounds like every other guy and he played you very easily. How can you say your at peace with it? You werent even with a relationship with him! In my opinion I dont think theres a reason for you to continue, if you do then theres just gonna be some other guy your going to make excuses for its like you werent even the one writing your blog entries! Your not really looking for love and you havent changed or gone anywhere, so i dont know what you think us “readers” think you learned in the last 130 days but it seems like shit.
    your a fucking idiot.

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