Day 138: “I got dissed by Bret Michaels”

Today was an exciting day! I heard from Mr. Nice and the Actor Hunk within the same hour, and both potential relationships ended when I proposed to them that they contact me after I finish the remainder of my vow in April. Mr. Nice texted me after I suggested we reconnect in the Spring with a friendly “It was nice meeting you, kisses” and the Actor Hunk texted “Wish you well“. Neither of them hinted towards any inclination that they would wait until the Spring to get to know me. I was a little upset, but then I remembered that I had a ticket to see Bret Michaels perform at the Birchmere.

I’ve never been a concert goer and it was obvious when I walked into the venue in the most conservative outfit I own and a tote bag with books to read in case I got bored. I stuck out like a sore thumb, and the other Bret Michaels fan’s could tell. I picked up my ticket from the box office and got to pick a seat directly in front of the stage. The opening gig played and I watched other people just sit back drinking their beer and listening to the music. I thought the whole night was going to be an intimate low key setting…I was WRONG. As soon as the opening band left and Bret got on the stage… it got CRAZY!

As soon as the lights went down, everyone in their seats stood up and rushed to the front of the stage, my beer got knocked over and landed on my camera (sorry I don’t have any cool photos), and the lady behind me told me to get out of her way. I was standing their speechless and entirely clueless. I looked around to see what other girls were doing and I tried to fit in by waving my hands in the air, but the expression on my face looked like I had just taken a shit in my pants. My beer was everywhere and I was hunched under my table trying to wipe all the beer off of my stuff.

I’ve never been that close to famous rock band in my life! Bret played all the classics that any TRUE fan would know, and it was obvious I didn’t know any lyrics to ANY songs except for “Every Rose has it’s Thorn” and when he covered Sublime’s “What I got”. I was totally out of my element and tried to keep a smile on my face the whole time so that the band could see that eventhough I was the worst person to have in the front I enjoyed watching these amazing musicians perform. I couldn’t even sit down in my seat because people were crowding all around so I stood there like an idiot and gave the band my famous “Creeper” stare, at one point I found myself reading the tattoos on the arm of one of the band members and making mental notes on how much I enjoyed all the guys hairstyles and makeup.

It gets better…toward the end of the set people in the crowd where putting their hands in the air in high hopes that Bret would touch them. He started at one end of the stage and when he got to where I was, I stood there with my hand waving at him like a moron. The girls to my right and left both put out their hands and he graciously touched them. I stood there waving like the true outcast of the bunch and watched as he avoided my hand by pulling back to reach around me. The girl to my right looked at me and felt bad so she suggested I try to put my hand out again. I didn’t.

The Birchmere is a small venue, but it’s a famous one and a lot of amazing musicians have performed there. The coolest part of the night was when I bought a pre-signed photo of Bret and got to meet the drummer after he got off stage. I complimented him on how well he did, and told him to keep up the good work (yeah, I said keep up the good work to Bret Michaels drummer). All in all, I had a nice time and next time I go to a concert I’m going to google what to wear, and how to wave my hands in the air in a cool way. First and foremost, I will only sit in the front row if I’m a DIE HARD fan of a particular band or solo artist.

Here’s to what could have been 228 Days, Veronica Graham, Sorry Bret…I’m the epitome of a fair weather fan!

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