Day 178: “Diarrhea of the Mouth”

Today was pretty cool… I got to work with a team of hairstylists and makeup artists in a photography competition held in Arlington, VA. The winners will be able to have their work published in the new Passion Upstyles/ Bridal and Family Stylebook. It was a great experience to be able to work with a team of makeup artists and hairstylists. Usually under pressure I start to sweat, talk loudly, and freak out, but today I managed to get a grip. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to being a makeup artist and realized how important it is to have a positive attitude. Regretably, I haven’t always been Miss Suzy Sunshine when someone sits in my chair.

1. The first feature film I worked on I made a young child actress cry…yes, I made her cry. I had just gotten of the phone with Iago and was livid and my lunch break was over. I have a tendency to allow my personal problems to seep into my professional life and it always ends badly. The young actress came up to me and asked me which outfit she should wear for her next scene and I brushed her off and told her to ask the director. BIG MISTAKE! It was a paid gig and it was my responsibility to manage wardrobe, hair and makeup and I didn’t do my job. My negligence and attitude problem affected the little girl and I couldn’t take it back. I had lost her trust and in turn created a bigger problem for the rest of the cast and crew. Not only did the director have to pick out her outfit, the child’s father had to calm her down as well as the other actors and actresses for her upcoming scene. On this same film I also managed to burn another child actress with my curling iron. She forgave me but to this day she doesn’t trust me with a curling iron.

2. I was scheduled to work on a short film for ONE day and I didn’t show up. I called in sick because I was upset about a fight I had gotten into with Iago the night before.

3. I was working on a short film and my services were only needed for ONE day. The day started out great until I freaked out on set because an actor was running late and I didn’t want to sit around and wait any longer. I wanted the day to be over so I could go home and hook up with a guy I was seeing at the time. Sure, the actor was late but I wasn’t the only one who was affected. However, I took it upon myself to open my big mouth and bitch about it. The crew members were shocked at my piss poor attitude, and told me to leave if I didn’t get my shit together. Makeup artists are replaceable and It’s not like the other actress’s on set don’t know how to apply makeup. My outburst managed to create a bad vibe in less than 5 minutes.

4. My most recent flare up didn’t happen on set but at the wrap party. I was working with the Film Geek on a short film and decided to tell him how I felt about him at the wrap party with my liquor courage. BIG MISTAKE! It was supposed to be a party to celebrate the accomplishment of the project, network and reflect on the experience. I ended up shit faced in front of the director/producer and acted like a self righteous bitch who was entitled to an apology. I have a tendency to live in a bubble and expect others to bend to my ego when I’m upset. Fuck their feelings and career, its all about me when I feel I’ve been wronged. I wasn’t able to bounce back from this particular flare up and the Film Geek will NEVER recommend or HIRE me for a job again… And my apology was in vain. The LAST thing any crew wants to deal with is DIVA makeup artist who talks too much and creates drama.

As for today, I kept my mouth shut and did my job. I maintained control of my emotions and didn’t draw negative attention to myself. I was able to be a team player, learn new tricks of trade and keep my ego in check. I even a received a compliment from one of the models. She told me that she felt at ease in my chair and that the feeling was comparable to the after effects of receiving a massage. I couldn’t believe it! I made someone feel relaxed?! Really? I realized in that moment that I should always have a grip on my emotions because my attitude and energy is felt by whomever is sitting in my chair. It is a very personal experience when you are having your makeup done. When someone sits in my chair I am in their personal bubble. I have to remember that every time and ALL the time. I’m the professional and they need to trust that I will make them look their best and not stress them out. The last thing a model, actor/actress or bride should be thinking about is how they look when they leave my chair. They should be able to trust that I have done my job correctly and effortlessly.

Heres to what could have been 188 Days, Veronica Graham, A makeup artist should be seen and NOT heard.

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