Day 182-184: “Leases, Rapture… Let’s Talk About J-C, Baby!”

Harold Camping strikes out again…I signed a lease with Kimmie and our new roommate, so technically my world did end! Well, the world as I know it (he he). We found a fancy three bedroom apartment with all the bells and whistles. I can’t wait to move in! I’m officially moving out of Pleasantville and on good terms: SHOCKER!

I received a couple comments about Jesus on my blog.  What surprised the HELL out of me is that I can talk about having an abortion, snorting coke, smoking crystal, being a stripper, sleeping with my ex-boyfriend’s dad, having sex with numerous men, treating people badly, dating married men and not receive any disapproving comments. I blurt out Jesus’s name here and there and that upsets a reader or two? Really?! Looking back I’m shocked that no one called me a baby killer, a dirty skank, or a home-wrecking slut in ANY other comment. I’ve done some fucked up shit and it wouldn’t matter if I was a Christian or not because every choice that I’ve made has affected the people in my life.  Specifically, these comments have either made fun of my Christian beliefs or asked me to stop talking about them.  I find this laughable.  My aim is to be honest about myself, no matter how ridiculous the things I write about may sound or how I know they make me look.  To just “stop talking about” Christianity would be denying a part of myself.  Sure, I’m not a good Christian (whatever that means, I’m still searching) but I did grow up in a Christian household and have been struggling with my faith for some time.  This is a part of me, whether or not it bothers some readers.

In light of the Rapture Part 2: I’m going to talk about JESUS!!!!  JJJJJJJJJEEEEESSSSUUUSSS!!!!  JC!  THE MESSIAH!!!  THE LORD OUR SAVIOR!   You know, that historical figure that was an odd ball about 2,000 years ago and died on a cross for being a “peacemaker.”  I don’t care if people DON’T believe in God, or believe in Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, The hundreds of Hindi Gods, other Deities or Demons, whatever the hell Mormons believe, Zeus, Witchcraft (Wicken?), Voodoo, and etc. Because, being the standard selfish bitch I am:  Whatever else someone believes has zero affect on me.  What’s interesting to me is how the very mention of JESUS can get so many panties in a twist.  Or hell, let’s just lump it up and say GOD.  Believing in a God is not only considered taboo, unfashionable, naive, uncool, and especially idiotic… but somehow all these super smart geniuses out there with all the answers of the universe and the afterlife still get riled up with the idea of someone else completely unrelated to them believing in God.  My past actions that actually did affect people negatively receive no comments and no harsh words.  However, believe in wizards in the sky… I guess that’s more of a turn off than being a drug addict or being a “baby killer.”

Don’t get me wrong, I think non-believers that get worked up about believers are just as crazy as the members of the Westboro Baptist Church.  I think the same thing about them:  If so many people are damned to hell, why worry about them?  Why wouldn’t they just live in their little community of what they consider “holiness” knowing that they’ll get into heaven, instead of spending all their energy on people who are already damned?  How do they affect you to the point of traveling cross country and expressing your dismay? (They’re known for picketing funerals, by the way… people already swimming in hell according to them and already too late to “save”)  Same goes with those who have to comment about MY faith, how does it affect you to the point of having to defend your belief (of no God)?  Especially when the people I’ve screwed over in my past have yet to comment about how much I’ve actually hurt them?

Most of these questions are rhetorical, by the way.  The people in my past are strong individuals and most of them are comfortable enough with themselves not to waste their time on trying to insult me.

I don’t know shit about Christianity, but I do know that yes, I believe in a God.  And I believe Jesus is the son of God… which makes me a Christian? However, I don’t deny that someone’s belief may be “correct.”  The Muslims might be right, the Mormons, the Hindis- they may all be right.  I don’t know.  All I know is MY belief.  It’s personal and it’s a piece of me.  I don’t believe that doing all the fucked up shit I’ve done AND believing in God makes me a shoe-in to heaven… and I don’t believe that imposing your beliefs on Anyone- NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BELIEF IS, including not believing- is the right thing to do.

Here’s to what could have been 184-182 Days, Veronica Graham, OK, Harold… when’s the next one?

3 Responses to “Day 182-184: “Leases, Rapture… Let’s Talk About J-C, Baby!””

  1. and Jesus is not historical, it is religious.

    • I hate stupid people Says:

      Do you read? This blog post isn’t about sinners and jesus and damnation and hell, it’s about the idiots that comment on blog posts about jesus and sinners. I’m so tired of reading comments by idiots on blog post like this one, youtube, and facebook.
      A historical figure is someone who existed in the past and is considered a part of History. Jesus of Nazareth, as historians know him is a historical figure. I’m assuming you’re literate since you’re able to write. Pick up a book, and don’t get scared, you might hear a crack when you open it.

  2. ok. I just rather talking about dead babies than hearing another sinner talking about jesus and god and salvation and hell.

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