Day 185-192: “Entering a New Decade”

This last week has been one of my busiest yet!  I had a job with an awesome television show called “Nightmare Next Door,” turned the BIG 3-0, went to New York City for proper celebration to kick off my next and sure to be awesome decade, came back down to DC the next morning to get ready for a Halloween party in Georgetown, and had a melt down at work.

Forgive me and any lack of coherency, cause I’m SUPER tired for not having a single night sleep over 4 hours.  However, another post is overdue and I can’t make anymore excuses, since my busy week is now over.  To make it easier for the reader and more importantly, myself, I’m going to break down this post like a middle school project:

Nightmare Next Door reenactment/ 3 Day shoot: This was awesome!!  A producer I’ve worked with on a bunch of projects recommended me for this shoot since it needed some pretty crazy special effects!  It was a reenactment of a murder that happened in Dallas, Texas about 10 + years ago… I’m not quite sure, I’m probably going to have to watch the episode to really know all the details… but I DID know that they needed make up for a bunch of bullet wounds (exit and entrance, bitches!)  My make up job was awesome by the way (according to them, I always look for improvement) and I got hired to work on another episode with the same production company in November!

New York City:  Kimmie and I went up to NYC Friday morning.  She scheduled us for a 7 am bus ride up and normally, I would have complained that it was too early, but decided to be a good friend and keep my mouth shut.  Thankfully, we slept most of the way up (wish I could say that for the bus ride down.)  When we arrived, we went to an Indian restaurant for lunch on the Upper West Side.  It was delicious, as Indian food tends to be!  Afterwards, we grabbed coffee at Starbucks and walked around Central Park… somehow, we ended up on the other side of the park on the East Side… and let me tell you, it’s not like how it is on Sex and the City where every corner of NYC is fancy and shiny.  I had my phone out and heard a car drive by BLASTING hardcore rap music and I was suddenly aware how white I was… this is a fact I tend to forget in DC, my “gangster” persona is ALL over DC… In NYC?  That was new territory.  I was a white girl with my coach bag and brand new I-Phone.  We decided to head back and walk the 40 minutes back to our hotel room.  Kimmie and I then grabbed Halloween donuts at Dunkin Donuts and headed down the Midtown to the Indie’s Lab.  The Indie’s Lab is an actors lab for high caliber Indie film actors, mostly.  This place is more of Kimmie’s thing, but I enjoyed watching the performances that most people would pay good money for.  Afterwards, we went out for a few drinks with a few of the actors from the Lab and ended up hanging out with one in particular… let’s just say I downloaded his latest movie from I-Tunes and from a 1 out of 10.. his looks and talent are a 123.  We finally made it back to our hotel room by 3 am with falafels and hummus just to goto sleep for four hours and catch our bus back to DC… Depressing City.

30:  So… Now I am 30.  Technically this occurred between Nightmare Next Door and NYC… and I can honestly say I had the best birthday ever.  How do I feel now that I’m 30?  I have no idea.  However, I do know that I’m a hell of a lot better than I was when I was 29 and a completely different person from when I was 21.  My friends and family say this is my decade and seeing my week leading up to 30.. I’d say I’m right on track to make 30 my bitch.

Halloween:  Kimmie and I were the best dressed for Halloween.  Hands down.  I’m not saying this in a biased, vain kind of way.. we were, because we spent a lot of time on our make up, hair, and etc.  I changed my blond roots to bright red and airbrushed ivy leaves on my face and neck.  Kimmie… well, let’s just say she looked like she was a painted doll and her mini anger meltdown on Halloween night was just about the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen!  Why did Kimmie have a meltdown?  Cause we ended up in a packed bar where 21 year olds were bumping into her (all of us, but the rest of us are over 5’2″ and could handle the hits without getting knocked over) causing her to yell out, “I want to go!  I can’t handle this shit!  NO!”  She was genuinely frustrated with our less than ideal situation, but her cute little doll face getting bright red with anger was just so adorable and hard to take seriously.  “What’s that, Little Miss?  You’re pissed?  Awww, someone give her a gin and tonic.”  The thing is, I was over that scene as well.  After our ONE drink, Kimmie and I left, went back to my house and ate macaroni salad, which was the perfect ending to our Halloween evening.

Change is inevitable. I’ve been working nonstop.. In makeup and on myself, and I love it.  I can’t wait for what this next year has in store for me!

Here’s to what could have been 181-173 Days, Veronica Graham, that’s all I have left in me today..

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