Day 221-224: “I am no Julie Powell”

I got into the holiday spirit briefly yesterday and made my famous dishpan cookies. The recipe was my grandmothers, and just like she suggested… I only make them during the holiday season. You would think that making cookies isn’t a difficult task but in my world it is. I had started making the dough and ran out of flour… I drove to the local 711, grabbed a bag of flour and was ready to take on the kitchen. Once I was ready to start rolling out the dough I noticed that the rolling pin was missing?! I was covered in flour and had a minor meltdown on the way to Bed Bath and Beyond. I stormed into the store and demanded that a sales clerk help me find the best rolling pin they had. When I say demanded, I mean demanded.  To explain why I was covered in flour and acting like I just escaped the mental institution of Betty Crocker, I went on-and-on to describe the five-hour process of making the these special cookies and how I couldn’t find the rolling pin and how my entire day has gone to SHIT.  They checked me out quickly and in no time I was back at home baking until the late afternoon.

Sometimes life has a way of slowing you down. I think yesterday was a perfect example of how. I had all the ingredients (or so I thought) and all the time on the world. The recipe is very detail oriented and its important to take your time in making them. The dough has to be rolled to a certain width, the filling has to be exactly 1 tsp, and the glaze has to be stirred continuously so that it doesn’t harden.  After the cookies were completed, the last thing I wanted to do was eat one.  Instead I packed some up for the woman at 711 and the employees at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Later on, I got a message from the 711 lady that the cookies were delicious!

Although it took me longer than I had anticipated yesterday to make them the end result ended the same. If I didn’t need the flour, or the rolling pin I wouldn’t have felt the reward of putting in my hard work. The compliments I recieved made all the madness worth it. I was able to put a smile on other peoples face with my damn cookies.

Here’s to what could have been 144-141 Days, Veronica Graham, There is a reason why I only make these cookies once a year.

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