Day 233-235: “Dicks and Hos”

A few things happened in the last few days, all while I was out.  There was this guy who commented on how beautiful I am at the bar, he was older, bigger, and nice.  I appreciated the genuine compliment and thanked him.  He was a little taken back that I didn’t roll my eyes or tell him to “fuck off.”  He then went on to express how NICE I was… Nice isn’t an adjective connected to me very often.  He wasn’t trying to sleep with me, to get me to go home with him or even play with his ding dong- he just wanted to pay me a compliment.  This is a rare thing.  With most guys at bars, a compliment comes with a price… and a drink bought for you, that comes with a big price.

Let me move onto event number 2:  Entitled Asshole.  One of my customers at the Irish bar sat at a table of mine… alone… for four hours… eating lamb shank and drinking red wine to finish it off with a Glenlivet (two fingers.)

ME: “What does two fingers mean?”

ENTITLED ASSHOLE:  “The bartender will know.”

OK, asshole.  So, after four hours, I made the guy pay out his tab because it was time for me to go home (seriously, it was closing time.)  I sat at a table employees typically sit at having my “shift beer” away from the common dining area.  Entitled Asshole had moved to the bar and noticed me.  He walked over and sat down at my table to “chat me up.”

ENTITLED ASSHOLE:  “Why are you so bitter?”

ME: “… Um, well, I’ve been working a lot lately?”

ENTITLED ASSHOLE:  “No, come on… tell me.  Why are you so bitter?”

ME:  (WTF?) “I’m not bitter.. I’m happy.  I’m just tired.”

ENTITLED ASSHOLE:  “Tell me. What happened?”

???  ME:  “Look, I don’t know what this is, but the only reason why I was nice to you before was to get a good tip and… I’m not going home with you.”

ENTITLED ASSHOLE:  “You’re a whore.”

…. WHAT?!   ME:  “What did you say to me?”


ME:  “You don’t know me.”

ENTITLE ASSHOLE:  “You’re a strong woman, I thought you could handle it.”

ME: “….”

ENTITLED ASSHOLE:  “Awww, look, I’m sorry.  I don’t want you to think I’m this horrible guy.”

ME: “It doesn’t matter what I think of you… I don’t know you.. and you’ll never get the chance to prove me that you’re any different.”

I wish I could say this was the end of it… but the Entitled Asshole kept following me around until I left work to go home.  My co-worker (a guy, of course) said to me that he was surprised that I wouldn’t go home with this guy.  WTF?!  OK, admittedly, I used to be the girl that would fall for these assholes.  Good looking, flirtatious, and well-educated.  Now, all I saw was a pretentious asshole that tried too hard.  This Entitled Asshole also went on to insult the way I look… saying, “Look at you with your glasses.”  What the hell?  Was I stuck in a teen movie where the female outcast is automatically in glasses and a ponytail?!  I could have gone on to tell him about how he was balding, sitting by himself for four hours wasn’t impressive, and I don’t care what the hell a Glenlivet-two-fingers is.  I’m wondering where the hell these little fuckers get off thinking I should feel SO LUCKY that they even walked over to talk to me… you know, me being so HIDEOUS in my glasses and everything.

Event number 3:  Bitchy Dick Lover.  You know those girls who are complete bitches to every female on the face of the planet, but turn into Florence Nightingale Angels when a guy comes around?  “What do you need?”  “You’re SO funny!”  “Let me get the tab.” “Oh, you’re sick?  Here I made home-made chicken noodle soup!”  We all know who these girls are… hell, I used to be one of them.  Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. HO…  I have an unfortunate friend like this (Unfortunately, a close one) who would drop a plan with any female friend of hers for WHATEVER (insert- driving a guy to point A to B, talking to a guy, smoking a blunt with a guy, yes… any guy) kind of plan with a male (the YX chromosome version of the human species.)  I too, used to be one of these girls.  The girls that would put other girls down for no good reason but find any guy to be a better-and-more-worthy type of person to be around…

If things are SO hard for us women: we get paid less than men, we can’t walk alone at night, and we get fucked over by commitment-phobe players time and time again… why do women turn against each other instead of supporting one another?  Why is it so easy for us to say “Fuck her” and “I can’t WAIT to fuck him!”

Even guys that are taken, we disregard the women they are with and truly believe that if somehow we were alone with this guy for five minutes- he’d be ours.  WHY in God’s name would we do this to one of our own?

I still don’t know… All I know is that the more I really see people- the more I see that the majority of people out there are pretty fucked up- Guys and Girls.  Neither one of us are innocent and that means we should work twice as hard to be better people for our girlfriends and our future (or current?) husbands.

Here’s to what could have been 132-130 Days, Veronica Graham, Come on girls… Let’s show each other some love.

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