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Guess who’s Back?!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2016 by Veronica Graham

My slutty antics and need for redemption led to the upheaval of my past publicly in 2011. I was a certified ho and not proud of it. I ripped through a year of pain and shame with a smile and many bottles of… Now I am 34, slightly wiser and have a fat stack of pent up stories itching away at my brain to be voiced. To recap the past 4 years in one entry is not my style, so much has happened that has shaped me into the fighter I now know that I am.

I recently read through the past entries and saw something that I hadn’t noticed in the thick of it. If you let people tell you who you are and what you are then you are not living to YOUR full potential. I let people define and shape who I thought I was. I let sex turn from a loving bond into a shameless need for affection. I was a raw and damaged adult-child who idolized the select few I held close to my heart. “If you live for peoples acceptance than you will die by their criticism.” This phrase pierced to the core of me. I accept that I was broken and looking for love in all the wrong places.

So much time was wasted looking toward someone to throw me a bone and save me! Yeesh, how sad. I had received all the therapy money could buy, gone to countless AA meetings with a fair amount of leaps off the wagon in between. I still didn’t get that I truly needed a higher power. I was a lot of talk and no action. What I did know was that the more I focused inward the more I felt like shit. I was making money, my career was poppin’, and I looked damn good doing it with the help of botox and bleach. I was incredibly lonely and felt completely empty and lifeless. My exterior didn’t match the inside and shortly after the last entry in 2012, I slowly fell into my old selfish ways.

I was doomed, or so I thought…What brought me to me knees wasn’t the loss of my friendships, self respect or families so-called approval. I became pregnant in 2013 and it was the biggest blessing I have ever had bestowed upon me. I began to beg God to help me help myself. In that moment of pure weakness I knew what it meant to be powerless. I was bringing a new, precious life into the world as an unmarried, single, washed-up woman and was scared shitless. What I was experiencing was divine muthafuckin’ intervention and luckily I was able to get my head screwed on straight, well straight enough.


–If talents are God given, no man can hide its light.