The Stork and the Womb

2013-I’ve wrapped with a true crime series and just got my license back. After breaking the law a couple times in a row the fuzz had to temporarily take it away. I was still able to use my BMW- Bus.Metro.Walk. I had one of the best summer vacations in the Outer Banks with a girlfriend in the biz and snuck in a sporadic solo road trip to Greensboro, NC-to meet a man friend.

One evening, I was Facebook scrolling through the page of a friend that I’ll call, Southern Gentleman. A wild hair proceeded to enter my ass night. This hair thought it would be a great idea for me to go see my friend living in Georgia, and for me to go see him, immediately.

He and I became friends in 2012 and ran into each other from time to time on various film sets. After a bad business deal and a broken spirit, he left the DMV and returned to his hometown in Georgia. We had stayed in touch and after chatting it up one unforgettable evening we devised a plan to meet halfway between Virginia and Georgia, just for fun. No pressure for a relationship just for the thrill and fun of a road trip. Before I knew what time it was, I was in my car and on my way to meet my friend, with caution to the wind the world was again, my oyster.

Fast forward-After my third pregnancy test came up positive while sitting in the stall of a grimy restaurant I was working in part-time, my legs went numb when the last test I had read positive. I don’t know why I had to use more than one, it seemed like the logical thing to do and it’s kinda my thing. My instinct had already led on that I had a bun in the oven from my adventure with SG. I was scared and shocked once it set in and I called my halvsie aka half-sister for support, and ditched my shift at the restaurant, never to return.

My halvsie met me at my place with smiles and hands filled with Popeye’s and Peruvian food. Her eyes greeted me with the ‘look’. You know the look I’m talking about, the semi sincere not judging but really am judging you look and we sat in silence before agreeing that we needed to watch a movie. 17 Again, seemed fitting. As I started to unravel the details, halvsie proceeds to eat all the food, sympathy pain I guess.

My first journey down this path wasn’t picturesque and given the chance to chose a different path this time around got me thinking A LOT. Come hell or high water I was having my baby. A sleepless night turned into a sleepless morning of waiting in a women’s clinic to get the official low down. All women’s clinics feel like a waiting room in hell. No detail was left out when I was speaking to the doctor and she assured me that everything would be fine and that she would determine who the father was based on the dates I’d given. After the exam, she handed me a picture of my 4 week old baby that undoubtedly resembled a picture of a kidney bean and was able to confirm that SG was the father.Finding out you’re pregnant with someone you’re in love with is awesome. Finding out you’re pregnant with your husband of 5 years is fantastic. Finding out you’re pregnant by a model who’s 10 years younger and lives 600 miles away is what happened to me.

On my way out of the clinic and with a decision that worked best for me, I saw this asshole dude holding a sign stating that abortion kills. It sure does Captain obvious, but women’s clinics do more than just perform abortions. What’s up with people these days?! For fuck sake, you don’t have to agree with peoples lifestyles but you sure as hell should respect their rights as individuals and mind your own business. If you’re not part of the solution then don’t be part of the problem.

–Children have a way of teaching you how to be selfless, wake up with a sense of purpose and not just live for the moment. I can see it now-I will be sitting on the beach and my little one will look at me and say ‘Thanks for choosing life you crazy lady, now get me a snow cone, a hermit crab with one of those cool cages and charge my iPhone25- ‘Okay MA!”

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