Veronica Graham

I am Veronica Graham.

7 Responses to “Veronica Graham”

  1. Hi Veronica. Stumbled across your blog and was absolutely glued to the screen. The last entry was over a year ago, and I wanted to find out how things were going? Where have u gotten to in your journey? Lank impressed with your openness.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate you asking. A lot has happened since the last entry. A LOT. I had hoped to do an update by now, but I’m still not ready. I’m waiting on my internal-spirit-guide-voice or whatever the hell you call it to say its time to open up again. So far all I’m hearing is crickets…


  2. If I understand you well, I’ll sleep with the windows wide open.

  3. Oh Lawd! I’ll be sending positive vibes your way! XO

  4. Dear Veronica, I coincidentally bumped onto your blog, which is very inspiring, even to a Dutch guy like me. Although it’s very tempting to react to your search for (or avoidance of) your Holyy Grail, my question is about something else: the Big Ear Girl picture you’ve placed in your blog. I’d like to use it in an anti-bullying track/clip and wondered whether that’s possible, from both a ;legal and a privacy perspective. Is that you on the picture?, is the picture yours? Or did you just found it somewhere? Looking forward to your answer. Best European regards, Luuk
    PS: this pic comes up as first pick of Google on ‘Big ears girl’, so I guess you must have received a disproportional number of reactions from ear fetisjists..

    • Of course you can use it! I found it online under google images. Best of luck to you and your anti-bullying campaign.

      • Thank you, Veronica!!
        Although I’m not sure whose permission I legally need (since you don’t seem to be the owner/photographer) , it’s OK for now. Only when we’d have unexpected millions of people listening our song and watching the clip, someone could be knocking at our door. But that’s a luxury problem I’d be happy to have.
        Best regards

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