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Day 14: “When the Cat’s Away, the Mice will Play”

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on May 7, 2011 by Veronica Graham

Today is landmark for me- TWO weeks and NO sex! After having two cups of coffee and three cigarettes this morning I was able to shake off the Cinco de Mayo hangover and stumble out of my room to find a note my parents had left on the kitchen table. It said that they were headed of of town and would be back tomorrow…

Usually, when I find this note that my parents would be out of town, I would be skimming my phone for numbers of potential sleepover guests… and no, they don’t stay in the guest bedroom.  The last sleepover guest I had was the ex, Arab-Prince (not a real prince) and I got him to come over with the promise of a movie and dinner date.  Arab-Prince was all over the not-so-subtle hint, I told him the usual things: He was on strict orders to remain on his best behavior because I didn’t want the neighbors to see this guy leaving the next morning or my parents to find out that I was a SLUT, since this was the first time and he was the only guy privileged to this escapade, I was “extra nervous” about his entrance and exit… He felt special for a half a second and thought he was living dangerously being the ONLY bad boy invited over for a sleepover…  It’s baffling that he and all the other guys fell for this line.  SPECIAL, ONLY, Please, aren’t guys infamous for using these very words in lies?

After the movie and few drinks- movie meaning, we sucked face until there was an interesting part to watch, only to return when the plot slowed down again– we headed upstairs to my bedroom.  I lit candles, allowed him to lay on my bed waiting for ME like he was Tommy Lee, and go into my special box where I hide all of my outfits for naughty playtime.  These outfits are hidden from all to see, and in separate bags with labels and scented sachets in them to keep it fresh….The gingham country girl look is always my favorite, and I definitely busted it out for the Arab-Prince.  It’s a thrilling sensation going through this special box when I get the chance. Everything has to be in its correct place and categorized, as to not waste time when I have to break into it like the freak I am an turn into the girl next door or even better the stripper that lives next door… Hey, I might be a slut, but at least I’m an organized slut.  After the gingham country playtime is over, and we’re both panting to keep our composure, we pillow talk until the sun is almost up and he leaves.  Ah, how I love to see that note that my parents will be out of town.

Today, I see this note and I cannot do anything.  So, what do I do to distract myself from my phone- which has most numbers deleted, but I was always good at memorizing phone numbers… I had a lot of boyfriends before cell phones.  Instead, I called my Nanny, and got quite a talking-to for being so absent lately.  I kept my composure, ok, no, I flipped out (it’s been two weeks people and I’m frustrated!) on my 87 year old Nanny.  She is very close to me, but its hard to explain what I’ve been doing with my lack of free time: It’s getting busier and busier with film work, having three film gigs this week alone and many more coming up- also, my job at the restaurant takes up my “days off,” and she happens to be the one most upset with my lack of free time.  It’s not something someone can easily bring up, “Hey Nanny!  How’s it going?  I’ve been Sooooo busy lately playing on movie sets and trying to keep my legs shut that I’ve locked myself into solitary confidement cause I don’t want to go out and socialize since I don’t trust myself yet.  How was brunch on Sunday?”

I do not have the ability yet to explain to the people I love the most why sitting home alone while my parents are out of town is such a huge step for me in the right direction.  My plans tonight are:  Drinking with Captain Morgan and watching The Hangover (cause Bradley Cooper is HOT!) and getting a good night sleep to be ready to work tomorrow morning.

Here’s to 352 Days, Veronica Graham, I might just bust out the gingham outfit for the hell of it-