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Day 34: “My One True Dildo: Mr. Pinky”

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on May 27, 2011 by Veronica Graham

As I was driving around picking up last minute items for Kimmie before filming this weekend, I was listening to the radio- XLSHADE45 and the DJ was talking about how he had a box of dicks in his trunk.  I immediately turned the volume up- a box of DICKS ready to be used?  I was all ears!  The box of dicks were for a promotion of some sort and a caller with the best “story” would get the ultimate prize of a brand new dick.  The winner would be sent a brand new dick in a box, my heart skipped a beat.  I could really use a brand new dick in a box right now…

I haven’t had sex in 34 days and I couldn’t resist the chance to win a brand new dick.  I tried to listen for the number, but it never came up and I lost my chance for a new dick!  But then I remembered where I was going this weekend:  Ocean City, baby!  I get to go to the beach for a film shoot with Kimmie as her make up artist.  Like I said before, I love my job and I LOVE the beach!  Shirtless guys walking around, girls walking around half naked.  Only a pair of thin swim trunks between me and some hot dick.

My current dildo is bright pink and vibrates (duh) and has been pretty reliable for the last two years… the most consistent relationship I’ve had with a dick my entire life.  Pinky is always there, never talks back, and is always happy to see me.  Pinky was a replacement for another dildo I had gotten rid of when I planned on moving out once and I didn’t want to risk my step mother finding it.  Turns out I went to make up school instead and I walked into an MVC and saw pinky- with the perfect curve.  Pinky was the one and I purchased him and a set of double A batteries.

Pinky will not be attending the beach with me.  Film shoots are hectic, and I probably won’t have time to play with any dicks around there (even if I wasn’t on my vow) but it’s really nice to LOOK, you know?  Checking out the swim trunks to see if there is any bulge in the package.  I think about if I need to replace Pinky anytime soon with a newer version, one that can accomplish more… you know?  But, I truly think Pinky is the one for me, and I won’t toss him out like the other two- he’s loyal, curved, and reliable.  Everything I’m looking for in a man.

Well, I’ve got to wake up in a few hours to head to set… on the beach… so one more visit to Pinky is required before I leave him for the weekend.

Here’s to 332 Days, Veronica Graham, You don’t bring sand to the beach-