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Day 46: “One-Night-Film-Geek”

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on June 8, 2011 by Veronica Graham

Today I ran errands.  I bought a new camera, since my last one broke during filming in Ocean City (dropped it in the damn sand!) and got my car some love at Jiffy Lube before I have to go on a reshoot down in Virginia Beach next week.  The connections that are made on film sets are so special to me: it’s like a second family. Each set is different and you meet new people in the industry and spend hours upon hours on end working towards a common goal. You are able to be yourself and are exposed to the rawness and importance of teamwork. You wake up at the ass crack of dawn to bring you’re skill to the table with complete strangers and end up forming unique bonds unlike any other by the time the filming process has ended.

You’re good and bad sides come out on a set, and I mean GOOD and BAD.  You see everyone at their best and worst moments- like, WOW!  I can’t believe you pulled off that performance, that was amazing!  And just plain ‘ol melt downs.  There is a general rule on sets to not sleep with the people you work with and honestly, it’s both hard and easy.  It’s hard because you do form strong connections with others and it’s easy because you’re too damn busy to get down.  Unfortunately, I had to learn this lesson- like all my lessons- the hard way, when after filming, I got busy with a crew member from a film set.

Set crushes are natural, but I think having someone to go home to that isn’t involved in film (or your latest project) is good to keep you grounded.  After a long, tedious shoot from a feature film I work on last summer, I developed a crush (well, a ton of crushes, actually) on the director, a crew member, and a few of the actors.  After filming wrapped, I kept in touch with the crew guy (among all the others), but things turned hairy when we made arrangements to talk about freelancing in DC over “dinner.” Dinner turned to oysters and drinks.  My sensible friend, Kimmie, was against this idea.

Everything was fine until I went back to his house to chill. I was wasted and I couldn’t, well…didn’t want to drive home. I was SHIT faced and horny. I was slurring and trying to be cute at the same token. Yeah, I just came across as a total slut. I was the one who initiated the sex. He told me NO! Ugh, the nerve of this guy. I took NO for a maybe and convinced him to sleep with me that night. The next morning while I was passed out on his floor, I weaseled my way back into his bed to “talk”. He told me that if I ever told anyone what happened he would deny it. I was used to this type of comment from men and it wasn’t like he was the first. I said I would keep my mouth shut.

Everything was fine, or at least I thought it was. I had this dirty little secret under wraps because I woulld never tell and he would just deny it anyway. Right? Wrong…he told people that I would call him ALL the time and chat it up because I was obsessed with him. I did call him ALL the time, and he did talk to me for hours. I liked him, or at least I thought I did. I thought he was funny and a straight shooter- no pun intended. He wasn’t.

 Here’s to 320 Days, Veronica Graham, Don’t shit where you sleep-

Day 3: “One-Night-Harley”

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It was a beautiful day today, I was in my car listening to 311 on my way to work when this sexy car speeds up to check me out and in an instant cuts me off to get to the light ahead of me.  Naturally, I was intrigued.  Sexy car = Sexy guy.  I watched him look back through his driver side mirror and of course, it was One-Night-Harley!  Don’t think that this is fate bringing back an ex, my exes are everywhere… it’s easy when you date all the good-looking men in this town.

One-Night-Harley caught my eye in a bar which led to a one night stand, which led to a two month relationship.  This bar is now forbidden Veronica Graham entry because of the number of One-Night-Someones I’ve met there.  My friends refuse to take me there.  Harley was charming, young, great looking- biker guy with style.  During our two month “relationship,” I met his family (and they loved me, but what’s not to love?), great sex (yes, on the Harley- yes, the bike), and I hated his best friend.  I knew there was no future with One-Night-Harley and I was already planning an escape route, but before I could execute the plan, he had the nerve to dump me!  Why did he dump me?  Because of the three simple words:  I love you.  Obviously, I didn’t mean it- I couldn’t stand the asshole!  I just wanted to leave him first and like a wild animal smelling fear- I could sense he was going to dump me.

Why in God’s name would someone say I love you to someone you were planning on leaving?  It’s the last resort.

I’m the kind of girl that like to shop before she drops.  I hate being alone.  I hate it now and always hated it- let’s just call it a child issue and leave it at that.  This isn’t Dr. Phil for crying out loud.  I wanted a new target- the problem was that nothing (no one) was quite in style yet and therefore, I wasn’t ready to have Harley totally filter out, just on his way… slowly.

The “relationship” with Harley was over.  Dead.  I knew it, I was just hoping he wouldn’t quite yet.  If it wasn’t dead for him yet- it was when I said I Love You.  He gasped and had the look of terror in his eyes before babbling, “Uh…. I’m not looking for a relationship…”  Oh Really??!!  I guess the Christmas plans with his family changed!

OK, so why did I want to follow One-Night-Harley when I saw him again today?  Fate?  I was meant to?  He was checking me out and that’s a clear invitation?  He contacted me not too long ago and I forgot (ok, too pissed) to respond?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.   <— that’s my problem.

But I didn’t and I went to work and life goes on.  Except that I’m here still thinking about him, Mr. Failed Relationship # 723929

I’m afraid it’s only Day 3 and I’m worried what will happen- when One-Night-Harley isn’t the person I see on Day 100, but it’s Mr. The Love of my Life that Got Away…

Here’s to 363 Days- Veronica Graham, fast cars get fast girls-